UTV, Peace Fm Close Out 2016 As Most Patronised Stations In Ghana

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Ohemaa Ayikesee; Day 5 on Adom TV (5-12-17)

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Adom FM is the radio station that play the popular music. It is Located in the Ghana that are beautiful by nature, provincials, turks & caicos.

A gynae’s touch led me to cheat – Ghanaian wives share 25 cheating stories A gynae’s touch led me to cheat – Ghanaian wives share 25 cheating stories Source: They were first shared on David Papa Bondze-Mbir’s wall in an unabashed invitation into the secret lives of the women. She did her very best to train us up well. I know a lot more women were brought up well too, however, women are just as bad as men in this cheating game, except – women get away with it more because we are more emotional, charismatic, and play victim more.

In all though, men and women are the same. You can’t give a guy any less respect in this aspect than a woman. I am cheating on my husband because I am no longer in love with him. I used to love him, but the love died, someway, somehow, along the journey. We are both married with kids. If I see a man and he is fine and looks strong, I begin to lust after him. My educational background and working experiences have opened more opportunities for me, created more hunger to want and have everything, and has also made me less fearful, less careful.

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March 18, General News Sex lives of Adom FM Presenters exposed myjoyonline 56 There was near panic when some presenters of Adom FM admitted that they would rather take aphrodisiac for sex than disgrace themselves before a woman as a result of poor sexual performance. Several presenters of the station who appeared on Odo Ahomaso, an adult discussion program especially the men admitted that they feel psychologically bruised when women complain of poor sexual performance.

The presenters shocked the entire listenership with their frank and explicit disclosure of their sex lives.

A Classic Incest Series Cousin Love. Cousin Love – by Nobo Cough – Older cousin baby-sits a bunch of young girls cousins – “One day my Mom asked me to come over to the phone to speak with my Aunt Justine about a job. My Aunt lived in the country, and I remember spending a few weeks at her large farm house years before.

TV host discloses political philosophy, what he said will shock you September 3, Watching from afar, it would be beyond easy for the average follower of Paul Adom-Otchere to place him firmly in the camp of political ideologies skewing right of centre. The Catholic Church represented the first institution in his life that offered some rigor and discipline when he was being groomed as an altar boy in Burma Camp, where he grew up. Key to his early left-leaning outlook was the expression of communion which highlighted the equality of men in the way the Catholic Church perceived it.

Adom-Otchere recounted how the leaders of the coup sparked a lot of enthusiasm in a lot of the younger army officers at the time. Riley Opoku, who was the Minister of Defence at the time and it was thought that he did not treat the army officers well. It was fighting university authorities and singing the slogans. That was what it was at the time. Then Adom-Otchere found God became a born-again Christian.

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Which property are we searching today? Secret video recordings and photos purported to be the sexual encounters between the Chinese galamsey queen, and some top security ghanaweb news ghana web and politicians in the. Secret video recordings and photos purported to be the sexual encounters between the Chinese galamsey queen, and some newx security officers and politicians in the.

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He suffered an accident at the war front, resulting in him becoming permanently disabled. But that does not mean he should not marry or take a girlfriend, despite his predicament. Therefore, when Alton Graham, the war veteran, saw a supposed Ghanaian lady via the internet, he quickly yanked her picture, viewed it, and instantly started to date her for a possible future marriage. Alton Graham admitted in an e-mail conversation with this reporter that he had been scammed, but it had now opened his eyes to this wicked and hackneyed tricks being employed by some Ghanaians to tarnish the international image of the country.

According to Alton, he held the belief that he had met a genuine Ghanaian lady, so when he started sending money for a visa fee and plane ticket, he did not blink his eyes. According to him, after sending the money to the alleged girlfriend via Western Union, she scanned her passport and embossed it with her supposed picture and American visa to him, in the US. Having convinced himself that his lady had secured all her traveling documents, Alton said he was expecting her to board a flight and head towards the US.

Regrettably, Fati Abdul Rahman started telling all kinds of stories, and rather demanded more money from him. The ex-US soldier further told this reporter that at a point in time, he insisted that Fati Abdul Rahman use his credit card to buy the air ticket, but she insisted that he Alton send her cash, because credit cards are not used in Ghana due to internet fraud, a crime she herself was perpetuating against the US war veteran. According to Alton, when he realised that he had apparently been scammed, he called the US Embassy here in Accra to verify whether the visa they gave to his girlfriend was genuine.

He was, however, told in plain language that the number on the supposed visa did not correspond with any visa the Embassy had issued. A careful scrutiny of some of the particulars the supposed Ghanaian lady sent to Alton, which he mailed to The Chronicle, also indicated that most of the documents were fake.

Update: Yvonne Nelson pregnant for John Dumelo

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No matter what this woman said to him or did, Hannington has no right to beat the hell out of her as he did. The above was a continental issue, now lets move to our own country-Ghana. I hate to read about celebrities doing this to their girlfriends or disrespecting women to that extent. Chris Brown did it and his music career till date is on its struggling legs, yet the others are failing to learn.

Adom FM, Ghana. Welcome to Ghana! Akwaaba! is one of Ghana`s oldest websites, with tourism information`s about Ghana, Live Radio, life and culture of of all Ghana Nation`s, and tribes – like Ga people, Fante, Ewe, Ashanti, Dagbani, Frafra, Krobo and many other tribes and kingdoms of Ghana.

Several presenters of the station who appeared on Odo Ahomaso an adult discussion program especially the men admitted that they feel psychologically bruised when women complain of poor sexual performance. The presenters shocked the entire listenership with their frank and explicit disclosure of their sex lives. This is part of a serried Akumaa Mama Zimbi is doing with radio presenters to delve into their personal lives However almost all the presenters admitted that media work is not good for their relationships.

They all cited suspicion on the part if their partners as well their inability to make time for their partners due to the demanding job schedule as the major reason why their relationships are suffering. The men were most explicit about their sex lives giving the assurance that once their partners given them attention and sexual satisfaction, they would not go outside of their relationships.

The women were mostly shy about their comments excepts Linda Safoa Antwi and Nana Yaa who said they are ready to give their partners what every they want sexually but would rather expect respect from their partners. Work and Happiness presenter Jerry Justice, described as unfortunate that, he was raped by older women when he was just a boy. Admittedly, he said though married, his marriage is facing what he described as very serious challenges threatening the survival of the marriage.

News anchor Nana Yaa Boamponsem admitted though she has been a victim of several broken hearts she has learnt not to invest her heart too much into relationships. She said her second break up was the most devastating one adding that both her families had approved of the relationship and the initial rites had been done until her partner returned from the United States and suddenly broke off their engagement without any tangible reason. On saying this, Nana Yaa could not control herself and broke down uncontrollably.

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