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You’ll likely want to drain a quart or two of coolant from the radiator before removing either part, save it for refilling the system later. If the TB is removed, best to set the TPS while the unit is out, there is more room to work that way. And one tip for swapping in the new screws without affecting the current TPS adjustment is to remove one old screw, then install the new screw and tighten it down before swapping the 2ns screw. If you have to remove the throttle body, no need to drain the cooling system as the factory service manual suggests, simply insert a bolt or stopper into the small coolant line that attaches to the throttle body keeping the radiator cap in place and you’ll only lose a little bit of coolant, replace it when finished. The only real “adjustment” needed is for the IDL-E2 setting, the rest of the checks are just to verify proper operation. If you are comfortable using an ohm meter, you may skip the next section and proceed to the specific measurements, otherwise read the following section to understand how to use an ohm meter: And shown in picture 5 is the proper ohm meter connection and use.

Constant-voltage speaker system

How do you hook up a 3 farad capacitor to two amps? You also must know how use capacitors on the sub to make it respond only to bass! And while they do make com…mercially available accessories that do what Y-T-Y says, by the time you buy one that works for your situation, install it, etc. MORE How do you hook up an amp? Make sure that the power wire and aux cable are on opposite sides of the vehicle for less distortion and interference.

Arcade Machine Speakers, 6 X 9 Speakers, 4 Inch Speakers, Jukebox Speakers,8 Inch Speakers, 10 Inch Speakers, 12 Inch Speakers.

Graeme Ross Jan 19, If your amp can drive a 4 ohm load in bridge mode, then each channel should be drive a 2 ohm load successfully. To get the best out of the single driver wire the voice coils in parallel connect to one channel and leave the other channel for another job, time to add an extra woofer; ONE channel of the amp used here or some other configurations that would also work.

Time for an extra woofer: If your amp can drive a 4 ohm load in bridge mode, then each channel should be drive a 2 ohm load successfully. Graeme Ross May 30, plaz I said “To get the best out of the single driver wire the voice coils in parallel connect to ONE channel and leave the other channel for another job” Wiring multiple drivers parallel and also series can produce odd damping factors for amps to control effectively.

I would not use bridge mode with 2 drivers wired for 2 ohms then in series, I would use 2 drivers wired for 2 ohms, and one on each channel. Same power output is achieved, without the complex “harder to drive” load presented to the amp operating in bridge mode. You can’t post conmments that contain an email address.


On most leds with leads, the longer lead is positive. Leds are current sensitive devices, meaning that if the current flow through the led isnt limited, the led will burn out. Usually this is prevented by using a resistor to limit the current thru the led. Leds are also sensitive to polarity, meaning the correct wire must be on the positive and the correct wire on the negaive lead of the led or it wont work.

Connecting an 8 ohm speaker (or any higher impedance) to a 4 ohm tap “It’s a moving target because speakers have complex impedance curves, not a simple and static impedance.

You don’t want to know El Hombre Lobo said: I can’t tell if the sub is a single voice coil or dual. Perhaps someone can correct me? In any case, could I not boost the gain on the amp to get more then W? For this JL sub in particular the company says W is optimal while W is the bare minimum. If I could increase the amp gain to the W area I would be happy. Is this possible or is the amp limited to a ceiling of W when connected to an 8ohm sub?

If there was a way to up the power, it would start to distort. The problem with distortion is the peaks of the signal start to flat top clip. The problem with this is the clips are a steady DC voltage.

Can i hook up 4 8ohm speakers to my marantz 2252b

Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts Rep Power Sign in to disable this ad The reason I am asking is due to an earlier post, I am trying to find speakers that will pair well with my Peavey cs MORE confusion on my idiot part. I have been reading about the whole speaker power concept to the point where i am stumped. In fact many of the 4 ohm speakers that I can locate are replacement speakers labeled guitar speakers peavey CS watts 4 OHMS per channel. I am on a budget. My band mates don’t have any interest getting into the technical stuff, to them, speakers are speakers and I have given up on trying to explain to them that before I open my wallet for anything, I like to know that I am getting something that is absolutely needed and will work well and be efficient.

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Most of us musicians just want to play music. But, this is the price we pay for playing electric instruments. Though instrument cables used between your bass and amp input look similar, they are not. Speaker cables are thicker. Gauge numbers can be confusing. The thicker the cable, the lower the number.

A load is something that uses power to do something.

Can I hook up 2 ohms and 4 ohms speakers to a amp that is 2 & 4 ohms stable?

This confusion is also a likely cause of many blown power amplifiers. This article is intended to explain the meaning of speaker impedance and guide the reader in connecting multiple speakers to an amplifier. This article is NOT intended for engineers, technicians, or even serious students of electronics technology. What are ohms, anyway? The ohm is the unit of measure for impedance, which is the property of a speaker that restricts the flow of electrical current through it.

Typical speakers have impedance ratings of 4 ohms, 8 ohms or 16 ohms.

Dodge Dakota Forum for Dodge Dakota trucks with an interactive site including Dodge Dakota Forums, Pictures, Links, Message Boards, and Chat Forum Subject: How to hook up two amps? IP: Logged your just not getting the whole “ohm” situation. You have 2 subs each containing 2 ohms. 2ohms+ 2 ohms = 4 ohm load That’s through series.

Originally Posted by dirtinla I understand how to wire up the 3 wire alternator. The number 1 wire goes to a resistor or dash light and is suppose to glow when not charging. That wire goes to a dash light. The Dash light has 2 terminals one for neg and one for positive. This is my question: When I plug it into the light I need to know if the other connector goes to ground or hot pos.

4ohm vs 8 ohm speakers – implications?

That’s a pretty significant difference! Maybe it is a “numbers” or rating thing, and they de-rate amp with a mis-matched speaker for improved amplifier reliability? Anyhow, other than the “power thing”, the sound of different speakers is very subjective. Some players use an 8-ohm speaker in their amp designed for a 4-ohm speaker simply because the sound is different, “better”, to them.

Jun 21,  · It’s better to do it that way than the other way around (hooking up 4-ohm speakers to an amp rated at 8 ohms). The speaker impedance is the amount of resistance (kind of) to the audio signal that the speaker places on the output of the : Resolved.

If you do not know the resistance in one component of your circuit, look for ways to calculate it. If you know the voltage V and current I across that component, find its resistance using Ohm’s Law: Method Formulas Using Power 1 Learn the formula for power. Power is the rate that the circuit consumes energy, and the rate it delivers energy to whatever the circuit is powering such as a light bulb. Or in equation form: It’s not enough to know the power flowing through one component.

If you know these two values, you can combine two formulas to solve for resistance: Substitute IR for V in the first formula: Rearrange to solve for resistance: In a series circuit, the current across one component is the same as the total current. This is not true for a parallel circuit. If you only know the power and voltage, you can use a similar approach to find resistance. Remember to use the total voltage across the circuit, or the voltage of the battery powering the circuit: In a parallel circuit, the voltage across one branch is the same as the total voltage.

How to Hook Up a 20th Century Video Game to a 21st Century TV

Nov 17, So basically each speaker terminal is 8 Ohms? Each set of terminals will present a 4 Ohm load to the amplifier. I suggest that you forget about bi-wiring. For your application it will do nothing to improve your sound quality, nor will it change the speaker’s impedance. I have a Marantz which I need to double check, but I believe it supports bi-amping.

Feb 06,  · Similarly, if you have two 8 ohm cabinets hooked up to the amp in parallel, the amp will be seeing a 4 ohm load. Parallel means you would hook up the + from each cabinet together to the amp, same with the – wire, don’t plug them into separate output jacks.

You may already have the parts for one, the other takes an adapter but gives a better picture. The pictures below show you everything. This requires no hardware modification of the system. There are two ways of getting the job done. I’ll describe both, and I’ll save the background info on why this is such a pain for Page 2. The screw lugs are the copper U-shaped thingies at the end of the flat piece of two-wire cable sticking out of the switchbox. It’s called a ohm matched pair to ohm F-Connector transformer, in technical jargon.

All you really need to remember is that it goes from a pair of screw terminals to an F Connector. The sort you need looks like a little block with a pair of screws on it, on the opposite side is a push-on F connector. Connect the screw lugs to the adapter’s screw terminals loosen the screws on the adapter, put the lugs underneath, and tighten the screws down on them. The video from the Atari will be on the channel selected on the Atari console usually either channel 3 or channel 4.

Same Thing, Different Parts Here’s another way to hook up using the switch box. It’s not nearly as nice as the method described above, but it works and you may already have the parts on hand. The game hooks up to the RCA input jack on the top of the switchbox, the twin-lead switchbox’s output is connected to a more common type of 75 ohm to ohm transformer also called a ‘balun’, which is the specific type of the transformer.


You need to run another power wire or you can get a distribution block and split up the wire you already have ran for power. The ground wire you can just connect to a good grounded bolt holding the seats down or something. And as for the RCAs just get a spliter for those too. And on the Kicker subs, The deal with them is that they say that both voice coils MUST be hooked up at all times of it will mess them up A friend of mune had that problem.

Re: Older Bose system with all ohm speakers gone bad Certain amps, if you look carefully at their specifications, have an 8 ohm power rating, then double that power rating for 4 ohms, and then double the 4 ohm power rating at 2 ohms.

How Many Speakers can I put on an 8 ohm amp? April 14th, by Roemtech The question arises: How many speakers can be put on an 8 ohm amp? The answer is, as many as you want, theoretically speaking. You purchase eight of the finest ceiling speakers you can find otherwise known as the SP N. You hire a tech to put them in and taking the easy way out, he wires them in parallel.


An 4-ohm speaker does not provide an impedance of 4 ohms at all audio frequencies. It will vary greatly. Same with an 8-ohm speaker. The people who design audio outputs know this so they should design it to be a bit flexible. You will not be able to tell any difference. The only people that can tell a difference are audiophiles who spend money on speaker cable stands to keep the wire off the floor.

Nov 04,  · Best Answer: i had my alpine amp run 6 speakers, it was a 4 channel amp, so two channels ran 4 speaker which makes it two ohms while the other two ran a speaker apiece at 4 ohms never had a : Resolved.

Read that FIRST if you are new to the topic However, for now, I am leaving the rest of this page here, in case you have read everything else, and are still seeking that “Eureka” moment which WILL come, if you just bang your head against the wall long enough, and come at it again and again from differnt angles! This tutorial shows you how to access a DS18B20 temperature sensor to an Arduino.

It was written in connection with the nuelectronics datalogging shield, but you don’t need a shield to use the information here. This may not be the best tutorial on the web about using the Dallas temperature sensors with Arduinos And I have tried to keep the code simple, to help people who are making a start. Don’t be scared by the “DS” For using your shield to read temperature sensors. Note that all the shield is doing here is providing a convenient mechanical “interface” between the sensor and the Arduino.

What follows could be used even if you didn’t have the shield. You will see “one wire” and “one wire interface” in the nuelectronics documentation.

How To Hook Up Two 4 Ohms Subwoofers @ 2 Ohms On A Mono Block Amp