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Functions of the Added Parts The installation consists of adding some parts to the circuit of the ECM and by doing so, sometimes mistakes happen. Just l ike a switch. We are basing this troubleshooting on simple connections confirmation with a continuity tester or an ohmmeter. If all goes back to normal, the problem is in the chip. It is either no good or not compatible with the ECM. If the problem persists, then go to the next step. Second Step The next step is to check the installation for solder bridges among pins or broken copper traces. Do a visual inspection first. If nothing seems to be broken or bridged with solder, then you will need to do a test of the connections pictured in the table below.

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Consequently, it’ll take more abuse before it starts slipping. If you use flywheel, you have to use the clutch disc and pressure plate. Same goes for the flywheel; you have to use the same clutch kit.

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Many Nissans can use our tools to reprogram their factory ECUs. Types of Nissan Computer Trivially chippable Nissans fall into several categories: If you see a spot on the edge of the circuit board with two rows of 20 pins, this is probably the application. Two Ostrich emulators can be used for realtime emulation.

Future hardware may add support. If you see a single, extremely long row of pins that are very closely spaced together, this is your application. These are not supported at this time. This is intended for all supported GM applications. This is intended for all custom applications. If you purchase the guts kit, you should specify whether you want a k 28F or k 28F version. The can also control 4L60E and 4L80E transmissions.

It can also be used with a Van OS to run distributor applications with only a 4X reluctor.

1991 Honda Civic CRX Si JDM D15B Vtec Mugen Clean White

A Anti-lock braking system helps the driver maintain steering control while braking hard. The feature produces an audible alert to pedestrians that an electric car is headed in their direction. NHTSA is finalizing a regulation that will require all new electric vehicles to have alerting systems. It operates high-speed linear solenoids in the front and rear engine mounts to actively cancel out each individual vibration. Active front head restraints Designed to help reduce the likelihood of a neck injury in the event of a rear impact, this is an advanced safety feature.

This reduces unwanted low-frequency cabin noise by as much as 10db, helping to create a quiet, more-relaxing cabin environment and eliminating the need for excessive sound-absorbing insulation in the body.

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How to install a subwoofer and amplifier When installing any electrical components always remember to unhook the battery. First thing you want to do is run your ground cable from a volt meter to a body or frame nut or bolt near by in the trunk or hatch area a shorter thicker ground is best then connect the other end of your volt meter to your battery cable that will need to be run through the firewall and connect to the positive battery terminal.

Also VERY important make sure you have installed a fuse on the wire in between the amp and the battery. For a sub woofer you want to hook the rca cable to the rear or sub labeled rca jacks. Then run your amplifier remote wire to the remote wire protruding from the back of your car stereo. After that you can run the ground and battery cable to the correct slots.

Now connect your sub via rca and your done. If you do not have an amp with a subwoofer out then you can take the wires from your sub and bridge the connection to your amp and get enough power, take the positive wire to your sub and hook it up to the positive terminal of channel one on the amp then take the negative wire from your sub and hook it into the negative terminal on channel two and your done.

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I chose to mount it at eye level and on the same plane as the steering wheel. Peel the door seal back so you can see the pressure clips holding the A pillar. Pop these clips using a panel popper.

Apr 11,  · Best Answer: The only thing you do is get an Si, Ex, or Vx engine wiring harness and replace the lx harness. The wires for VTEC are already ran through to the engine bay. You just need to get one of those wiring harnesses to hook it up to the : Resolved.

Big credit goes out to: It looks like a normal ECU. The only difference in appearance is that it has a small hole cut in the side for the USB interface. Hondata dealers should be able to provide the ECU complete if you cannot source one yourself. Once you have the unit, it’s really just plug and play. Aside from that you will need a USB cable that you can purchase from any electronics outlet. Once that is done you can begin datalogging and realtime updates from your laptop to your ECU.

Double check that the ECU datalogging is working by pressing the F10 key or the lightning symbol on the taskbar. To begin with we had a quick look at the Parameters window before firing up the motor. It also datalogs depending on datalogging speeds up to a staggering The number it brings out doesn’t actually relate to any measurement of unit, but seems like the raw data ECU churns out for injector duty. Therefore we had to try and play a “law of averages” game by trying to find the lowest threshold and slowly increasing values and watching them correspond to the AFR reading on the dyno.

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For example, 2 flashes, pause, 3 flashes would mean code Codes are displayed in ascending order. The LED indicates a system failure code by its blinking frequency. The control unit LED can indicate any number of simultaneous component problems by blinking separate codes, one after another. If codes other than those listed are indicated, count the number of blinks again. If the indicator is in fact blinking these codes, substitute a known good ECU and recheck.

Oct 06,  · What are you trying to do to it? are you trying to chip it or do you need the wiring diagram, pin-out?? «Previous Thread | Next Thread».

It has powered two generations of hot rodders and is still going strong for the domestic camp as the engine of choice for an amazing third generation. Conceived in the mid ’50s, the small block Chevy is stronger than ever, pumping out more than hp in the latest Corvette Z In racing, the mouse engine, as it’s affectionately called, serves yeoman duty propelling the fastest Winston Cup cars and many classes of domestic drag racing to victory.

Even though the engine’s design is older than most of us and has a crude by today’s standards pushrod OHV, two-valve head architecture, the latest variants of this engine have an impressive power density. It has always been popular to the performance crowd and has tremendous aftermarket support, the best for any engine ever made. The Honda B-series engine is the import enthusiast equivalent to the small block Chevy. Stock in the Acura Integra, del Sol Si and the Civic Si, the B-series is also a popular and very easy swap into the lightweight Civic, making the classic hot rod: Since the B engine was available even more widely in the Japanese domestic market JDM , there’s an abundance of relatively cheap used JDM engines imported here to serve as a base for hybrid Civic swaps or other build-ups.

The B-series has gone through an evolution of sorts. The final most developed version is the B18C5, the rare powerplant found under the hood of the Integra Type R. This variant of the B-series pumped out an impressive hp in stock naturally aspirated form.


March 9, edited Pictures have been found, and added in a zip file at the bottom of this post. You can download it, and sort through them. I am in the process of reintegrating them into the post, this may take a day or so This can also be used for wiring just about anything you need, like a knock sensor, IABs, o2 sensor , whatever.

Ok, assuming you have a vtec motor in a non vtec car and you need to wire in vtec y0!

Aug 21,  · you have to follow the wire that goes from teh vtec solenoid to the main harness, if your car did NOT come with vtec, then your harness is missing the wire from your ecu to the plug in your engine compartment which runs teh vtec. so you will find the spot in the harness where there is a little plastic “plug” to fill teh hole where there is no wire.

So I’m gonna just buy a new motor to swap into it. I have a dx so my motor is non vtec. My question is, What do I need to get besides the motor to swap in the d17 vtec motor? Just motor and ecu? Also unless you wire in your secondary o2 sensor it won’t work either since on the ex the harness is on the chassis harness on the ex unlike the lx and dx where it’s on the main engine harness.

Or you could just get a vacf2 and run that instead of hassling with a new ecu and harness. Jxroxx That’s pretty much what i will do this spring: Whats a good vacf2 to get?

D15B VTEC – 3 stage wiring

Binary Editor Binary Editor is a flexible software package that allows real-time tuning and datalogging when paired with the Moates QuarterHorse. While Binary Editor can support a very wide range of vehicles, “out of the box” it only supports a few select strategy definitions: While not sold through Moates,additional vehicle support is available commercially through third parties such as Core Tuning and Derek Fenwick.

Binary Editor can talk to a wide range of hardware beyond Moates products such as widebands and 3rd party dataloggers.

Apr 27,  · i got a 98 dx hatch with a y8 running a y7 computer. Im trying to find the plugs to plug into the vtec solenoid. but im confused on hooking up the vtec. Any.

From the factory, the ITR head is the best. IT has stiffer springs, upgraded retainers, and better cams, along with a mild port on the intake side. As you are going want to upgrade these things even further yourself, the added price tag is not worth it. When choosing between a b16 pr3 and a GSR p72 , there are two major factors to consider. The GSR uses a different intake manifold and has a smaller combustion chamber, which some prefer. Some prefer the flow characteristics of the p Without a personal preference, the pr3 will keeps things simpler.

Once you have selected your head, you will want to send it to a reputable machine shop to have it prepared. Some quality machine shops include Port Flow, Headgames, and Alaniz. You can choose any shop you trust, but make sure they are familiar with performance Honda heads and not just domestics.

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By Brian Gillespie Our project car is a RSX base model and that effects the wiring when going from auto-to-manual. The following modifications work on the to models of RSX. If you have an 05 or 06, there will be some differences. I strongly suggest getting a Helm service manual or electrical troubleshooting manual to help with wiring if you have the later model. The manuals are available at helminc.

Jun 12,  · Here I show you how to wire up vtec in ol’ Project S#it Box. AND GUESS WHAT? NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHTS!!!!!

In my case, I’m using CC injectors left over from my 1. I had them balanced and blueprinted by RC back in the day. Just re-use your OBD1 alternator. Don’t forget to swap over your VX lower alternator mount as it is considerably lighter than that of any other D-series. This distributor is identical to the OBD2 distributors except for the plug.

I went ahead and swapped the ignitor and coil from the low mileage JDM distributor that came with my new engine.

How to hook vtec up