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Kiron Solari Kiron is a somber European man who devotes most of his time to making money, reading, working out and plotting revenge against the people who turned the world upside down. The astute few, however, quickly realized that this seemingly chaotic surge had a clear purpose: And even though the white man was greatly outnumbered, with hands tied by political treachery and cowardice, there still were plenty who stood and fought in an epic struggle that continues to this day. Mozambique became a typical African dictatorship, while Angola was split between three armed groups: Unfortunately, MPLA still managed to assume power in Angola, and it was not long before it found a new target: South West Africa, a mineral-rich protectorate of South Africa. Fill your head with Marxist communist ideologies. Pick up an RPG-7, an AK and some landmines and hand grenades, put on a Cuban or Chinese camouflage uniform and march across the border of another country. Abduct the schoolchildren at gunpoint, march them to your training bases to indoctrinate them and fill their heads with your bullshit to force them to do what you are doing. But SADF, despite being very adept at conventional warfare, lacked the flexibility needed to intercept SWAPO raiding parties, not to mention that at the time it was not allowed to cross the Angolan border.

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Poker Story of the blues It used to be that you just walked into a shop and bought something without sparing a thought for where it came from, or who’d made it. Now there is a growing awareness of working practices and ethics. Fran Abrams in Tunisia and James Astill in Benin tell the tale behind a pair of jeans Tuesday 29 May The Guardian Just off the Buttermarket in Ipswich, in a glass-and-steel mall with double doors and escalators, you will find it:

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Overview[ edit ] Prostitution takes place all over the country, particularly in border areas, transport corridors, Walvis Bay and the capital Windhoek. This allowed the authorities to monitor the sexual health of the prostitutes and was designed to control the spread of STIs. Colonial authorities believed unregulated African prostitutes were the main source of STIs.

Other towns subsequently introduced similar regulations, including Okahandja , Karibib , Windhoek , Keetmanshoop , Luderitz , Tsumeb and Seeheim. The use of white prostitutes was encourage to try and prevent relationships between white men and African women. There is evidence that some of the white prostitutes had been trafficked into the country.

Although some indigenous women volunteered to work in the brothel, others were forced to work there. Also introduced in was the Police Offences Proclamation, which criminalised loitering and solicitation for the purpose of prostitution. There were concerns about child prostitution, and in the Girls’ and Mentally Defective Women’s Protection Proclamation was introduced which set the age of consent at A new regulation was introduced in requiring all “native females” in Windhoek between 18 and 60, unless legally married and living with their husbands, to undergo a medical examination every 6 months.

After violent protests in March the regulation was withdrawn. The main provisions are the prohibiting of mainly third party involvement: In , the Legal Assistance Centre , a Windhoek -based non-profit human rights organisation, called for the decriminalization of prostitution as a means of cutting the country’s high HIV-AIDS rate as well as a means for maintaining the human rights of the prostitute themselves.

Some groups approach the issue from a religious perspective, arguing that Namibia’s population is overwhelmingly Christian and therefore should not accept what they consider an immoral profession.

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Books Otavi T he small towns of Otavi, Grootfontein and Tsumeb demarcate the so-called Maize Triangle, a relatively high-rainfall area with a flourishing agriculture sector centred mainly around the cultivation of maize and lucerne, some of which is under irrigation. The Khorab Memorial — about 3 km from Otavi and dating back to the First World War — marks the spot where a ceasefire was signed at Khorab on 9 July, On the farm Ghaub, 35 km north-east of Otavi, a historical mission station built in was converted into Guest Farm Ghaub.

There is much of interest in the surroundings, including the Ghaub Caves, remarkable for their stalactites, and Bushman paintings, which have been declared a national monument. The Fourways Stopover at the intersection leading to Tsumeb and Grootfontein hosts a refuelling station, car wash, biltong shop and butchery, takeaway outlet, chicken-and-chips shop, pizzeria, fresh vegetable market, and a small nursery.

There are also braai facilities for truckers, and the Camel Inn Restaurant and Bar, which is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Namibia Travel – Accommodation – Tours – Safaris – Conference – Car Rental – Adventure Activities There is a large variety of Namibia Accommodation Establishments in Namibia. They range from the formal Hotel to the more personal Guesthouses & Guestfarms.

Sharing his ordeal with Namibian Sun, Joseph Haitembu expressed his disappointment towards the Namibian justice system which he says kept him in custody for a crime he did not commit. He added that the toll of his incarceration was high. Haitembu, a father of five, says he is yet to determine the amount he wants from the state for what he described as defaming his character, the loss of his business, and his emotional and physical suffering while in custody.

I could not support my children because I lost my income. I suffered a lot in custody which is unfair to me. Haitembu, who was acquitted on 5 September, argues that no human being deserves to be treated the way he was treated. He said he blamed the police officers who failed to see from the outset that he could not be linked to the robbery. Haitembu and two other suspects were arrested on 3 June in Oshakati by the Namibian police for a robbery that had taken place three days earlier in Tsumeb.

Some of the items that were stolen included mobile phones which were traced by the police and found in the possession of women who were dating the two other accused at the time. Haitembu said that he was arrested because one of the women mentioned his name in her statement, saying that he was allegedly present when the phone was given to her.

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When the name Tsumeb is mentioned, one of the first images that appear in the mind of a collector is the resplendent Dioptase specimens that once actually CROWDED the mineral market. My father, along with other collectors and dealers told me that people used to actually complain that there was TOO MUCH (!).

What to see and do in and around Tsumeb Museum Facing the park, on Main Street, next to a beautiful Lutheran church, is one of Namibia’s best little museums. It has an excellent section on the region’s geology and exhibits many of the rare minerals collected from the mine. It also has displays on the German colonial forces, and a small section on the lifestyle of the Bushmen and the Himba people.

The ‘Khorab’ room contains old German weaponry, recovered from Lake Otjikoto, which was dumped there by the retreating German forces in to prevent the rapidly advancing Union troops from capturing it. Since that time, pieces have been recovered periodically, the most recent being the Sandfontein cannon on display here. The uniform of the German Schutztruppe stormtroopers has recently been acquired, along with the photo album of one of them, General von Trotha, which makes fascinating reading if your German is good.

Appropriately, the museum itself is located in a historic German school dating from On Saturdays it opens Cultural Museum Between the Tourist Park and the centre of town is a relatively new and expensive-looking building.

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This process not only transmutes the Etherium powders, but refines the monatomic metallic metals and enhances their exotic properties. Testing has shown that Andara crystal glass resonates at the high frequency of the exotic matter they were created from. The vibration is so high within the stone that it never needs to be cleansed because it only holds love and does not absorb negativity as it instantly transforms it. For this reason it serves as an amazing tool to heal the heart. Monatomic Andara crystal is one of the master crystals, a healer and a powerful tool for: Creates mental and emotional strength.

A rich sample of deep green austenite from Tsumeb, dating to at least

Very aerial dendritic growth with dodecahedral crystals that have very well defined faces and edges, with slight curvatures. Botryoidal aggregates of small white Smithsonite crystals on a matrix coated by small and very bright Hemimorphite crystals. Group of crystals, some of them partially doubly terminated, with very well defined phantom growths of red Hematite inclusions. They have an amethystine nucleus visible under a strong light.

Aggregate, on matrix, of translucent rhombohedral Smithsonite crystals with a deep brown color and slightly orange shades. A classic from Namibia with great quality. Druse of cubic crystals beveled by the dodecahedron and hollow growths on the octahedral faces. The crystals are translucent, bright and have a very intense and deep mauve color, clearer on the octahedral faces. Floater group of rosette growths of flattened crystals that are very bright with a very vivid color. The sample has an extraordinary quality for the best well known at the locality.

A novelty at Tucson Very sharp and aerial cubo-octahedral crystal, complete and on matrix, with Mica.

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The history of the town is depicted in the Tsumeb museum where a comprehensive collection of rare minerals can be viewed. It also has displays on the German colonial forces, and a small section on the lifestyle of the San Bushmen and the Himba people. Since that time, pieces have been recovered periodically, the most recent being the Sandfontein cannon on display.

A uniform of the German Schutztruppe has recently been acquired, along with a photo album of one of them, General von Trotha. Appropriately, the museum itself is located in a historic German school dating from

From: Tsumeb Mine, Otjikoto, Namibia – Dimensions: 60x40x30mm – Sold by: Weinrich Minerals – Light blue spherical shape crystal groupings of dundasite to cm in diameter scattered throughout the top of this x x cm crystallized azurite and malachite matrix. Previous label from the collection of Evan Jones and another from the dealership Mineral Kingdom dating this to

The Herero named it “Otjisume” because of the varied colours and hues of bright green, red, brown and grey streaks of the copper and lead ores on the rocky outcrops resembling dried scum scooped out of a water hole and scattered on surrounding rocks. Tsumeb, regarded as a waterless place, had a meter high malachite hill. Due to this scarcity of water, ore trading took place at Lake Otjikoto where an extended San family clan lived.

The chief had the malachite hill guarded and bows and arrows were fired at anyone who dared to attempt to steal the ore. Copper ore was then brought from the malachite hill to Lake Otjikoto. Bartering was the form of exchange at this time and the Ovambo people came on foot from Ovamboland to Lake Otjikoto to trade for copper ore with the San, carrying their trading wares in baskets, woven from Makalani palm leaves and carried on their shoulders with long poles.

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The Copper Guest House is situated in the heart of Tsumeb, close to Shopping Centres, Souvenir Shops, Museum, Banks and other Tourist Attractions. It is .

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Defected to the U. Interesting to know, the South African government, was a Master of Propaganda, likewise two other very similar oppressive states similar to the Apartheid regime, as Israel and Nazi German, the media were all strictly controlled. The informations misleaded and distorted, with entire faked stories, as well a criminal hiding of their own causalities. Only after the fall of the tiranny, the new SA governmente researched about a great number of families that had their sons disappeared or missing, with no other informations.

This is not true.

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Articles in Journals Kaulihowa, T. Thunderbird International Business Review. Diversity of governance arrangements for indigenous natural products in communal areas of Namibia, Forests, Trees and Livelihoods. Forests, Trees and Livelihoods 26 2. Sengis Elephant-shrews in North-eastern Namibia. Journal of the Namibia Scientific Society

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Uris Safari Lodge and vicinity Click on the different areas listed on the map to see the information. Scientific Society, branch Otavi-Bergland. The Tsumeb Museum, with its comprehensive historical and geological displays, is a major tourist draw card, which attracts between 12 and 15 visitors annually orchestrated by the indefatigable Mrs Schatz as the museum’s curator as well as its life and soul ever since.

TS – Malachite after Azurite $ DISCOUNTED 40% OFF TO $ Tsumeb, Namibia thumbnail – x x cm ex. Carl Acosta Malachite after Azurite crystals. The Azurite has only slightly altered to Malachite in areas, and the specimen looks more like Malachite on Azurite.

Mogila Mine, Madan District, Bulgaria small cabinet – 5. The crystals are brown and green in color and of top quality, 5. There is one area of damage on one side near the top, but this piece had so much pop and pizzazz it could not be passed up. Natural, unheated gem Tanzanite crystal, 2. Transparent yellow over a blue base. Along with the excellent transparency, the surface luster of the crystals from this find is also excellent.

Natural, unheated gem Tanzanite crystal, 1. Complete and undamaged, highly gemmy, overall excellent quality. The clarity and intense blue color on this one is exceptional. Natural, unheated gem Tanzanite crystal, 3 x 1. There is a small ding on the backside of the termination, but regardless, this is one heck of a nice crystal with great luster and color, uniform shape and the nice association with the Prehnite.

Illustrated in the Sept.

De olifanten van Etosha (Namibië)